"I was impressed with the demonstration of the Affinitea Infusion Process and the teas produced.  The equipment allowed the operator to consistently create the full flavor from loose tea."

Ross McMahon
Senior Vice President - Wholesale
Java City

"A break from tradition.  It's a new type of preparation that will add fun to tea.  The demonstration (during the APTI Symposium in Anaheim) used a Ceylon Orange Pekoe and it was quite good.  It has revolutionary possibilities in the specialty coffee and tea business.  This is going to make some people some money."

Michael Spillane
President, G.S. Haley Company

"The Affinitea System is designed to bring excitement and flair to the art of steeping specialty tea and to eliminate many of the variables that could result in a less-than-ideal brew"

Joe Simrany
President, Specialty Tea Institute

"I was excited to see the first new brewing technology since Bunn's iced tea brewer was introduced 25 years ago.  With the rapid growth of the premium hot tea market, it's exciting to know there are new ways to brew tea.  Also, innovations in equipment are usually followed by innovations in product, which is another exciting aspect of the Affinitea Infusion Process."

Dan Schweiker
CEO, China Mist Tea Company

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