Affinitea, established in 1994 by two entrepreneurs, Anthony Priley and Shawn Hamilton, is a company that creates and markets quality products and innovative technology that addresses the needs of the specialty tea and herb industry.  After several years of experimentation the Affinitea Beverage Infuser was developed and in 1997 the first international patent applications were filed.

The Affinitea Tea and Herb Infuser is a patented machine similar in appearance to an espresso machine, however the brewing process works just the opposite as an espresso machine. This revolutionary process allows a Tearista to provide the customer with a high quality, handcrafted finished specialty tea or herb beverage, hot or iced, in 30-50 seconds.

To compliment the Affinitea Beverage Infuser, Affinitea has also developed a line of high quality beverage products specially blended for use with the Infuser. These beverage products include loose-leaf teas, herbs and real fruit juices.

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